Baan Rajprasong

Patumwan, Bangkok
Location: Patumwan, Bangkok
Building Type: Hotel
Design: 2004
Completion: 2009
Client: Baan Rajprasong Co., Ltd.
Area: 43,121 sqm
Cost: 1,165,000,000 Baht
Design Team:

Sinn Phonghanyudh
Jaturon Buranajade

As the various factors of context; site location, skyline elevation and etc., Are the intriguing issues of reaching for dissolving criteria of that surrounding into visual approaching achievement, combined with reversed many of them to take advantage of the plenty of the green space through the perfect vision panoramic views. Getting through achieving the effect of intriguing output among complicated context, visual approaching such skyline visual, vertical outline figures, there are the significant criteria of main approaching blended it along with circumspectly analyzed contents of environments. By mean of elementalized things through the top of its building body.

Being seen, like it having vibrating among its mundane figures, its building elements always shakes your visual against surroundings and let your eye upwards the top dynamically, uniquely and distinctively.

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