Singapore International School of Bangkok - Phase II

Pracha Uthit Campus, Wangthonglang, Bangkok
Location: Pracha Uthit Campus, Wangthonglang, Bangkok
Building Type: Education
Design: 2013
Completion: 2016
Client: Singapore International School of Bangkok
Area: 24,500 sqm
Cost: 600,000,000 Baht
Design Team:

Sinn Phonghanyudh
Wara Jithpratugs
Setha Saipipatpanit
Paveen Rojchannavisart
Jittinun Krisnangkura

After the accomplishment of the first phase, Singapore International School of Bangkok requires an expansion for their secondary students. The initial requirement from the school was the auditorium building, including 400-seats multi-purpose hall along with a home for creative art center. Following with the secondary building that serves up to 750 students, two dormitory buildings for students, sport complex, 8-lanes swimming pool, and a football field that sit in the middle surrounded with all facilities.

This project is placed right next to the previous phase of the school. Each building has its own unique characteristic, like no other. The auditorium, the first building to be seen upon the main arrival, is proposed to be a new milestone of the school, catching all eyes from the outside. The design intended to be a gateway that merge together the old and new phase of the school. The long side of the auditorium is enclosed with aluminum composite façade which folded into curvy shape creating a pleasant atmosphere to the whole area. On the other hand, the front and the back side is made of various local concrete bricks pattern producing a new aspect of bricklaying. Not just the exterior, the local bricks were finely place again inside the auditorium walls, generating a mellow atmosphere inside the hall.

For the secondary building, the grandstand, gigantic steps in front of the building, is designed to be a space for students to hang out and implement activities. It also creates a smooth transition between classrooms and outdoor field. Looking from the outside, the main stairs stand tall right in the middle of the building. Performing as the main circulation that brought life to architecture, it circulates students and teachers from the bottom up to the top.

On the left of the secondary building is the 25 meters long swimming pool and the sport complex. The sport complex consists of three basketball courts, one on first floor and the other on the upper floor. The saw-tooth façade is the main featured of the building. Not just its stylish look, the additional benefit of this façade is gaining indirect light into the gym.

On the right of the secondary building lies the two dormitory buildings, one for male and the other for female. With the superior terrace beside each room that connects directly with the open well inside, wind is able to flow through the building which created good natural ventilation for residence. The transparent skylight in the center court brings in the natural light into the common space and corridor inside. The canteen on first floor flows through the two building, linking the two with food and activities.

The new campus provides unique design for each individual building which suit well to each particular function. Common space throughout the whole campus is the core idea to create a better living for students. The space between each building is designed and well treated to be use as a recreational area and effectively connect each building with activities.

Photographs by PanoramicStudio

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