Rajprarop Rd., Bangkok
Location: Rajprarop Rd., Bangkok
Building Type: Commercial
Design: 2009
Completion: 2013
Client: Land Development Co., Ltd.
Area: 9,954 sqm
Cost: 180,000,000 Baht
Design Team:

Sinn Phonghanyudh
Pornthep Rojanakansakun
Sikarin Udomwong

B-Gallery is designed to solve an issue of commercial building circulation that visitors generally use only the first level because of the easy access. This building focuses on using gradually slope to create an uninterrupted circulation. Visitors can walk from the entrance right up to the top level without any disconnection in changing levels. The design creates a flow of the movement throughout the building. The first floor of the building is also designed to connect with neighbor small retails around the building by multiple entrance exits.

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